In the early 1900’s, the Sapphire was inhabited by sailors, travelers and ladies of the night, lending it to be known as a shady hotel and brothel in southeast Portland. They rented rooms by the week, night or hour while spending long nights in the lobby drinking, laughing, eating, talking and kissing. Aside from entertaining one another, you could count on the presence of a mystic, traveling musician or a handful of gypsies to lend some fun and adventure to your night.

As the years went by, the area around the hotel grew more and more affluent and the ladies of the night took jobs as shop girls along the avenue. The artists began to sell their work at the galleries that began to open along the avenue and the rooms became upscale apartments leased to people in the local community. The lobby continues to be what it has always been… a lovely place to gather.

To eat, drink and kiss.

Current Hours:

Tuesday-Saturday 4pm-12am (indoor dining, heated outdoor dining & takeout)

Last call for all food and drink takes place at 11:30pm, nightly.